Welcome to my blog! This blog showcases not only my work from many of the beautiful weddings I am privileged to photograph, but also reveals glimpses of my personality. Here is an opportunity to share some great moments as well as give clients, guests and friends the chance to comment. I also hope prospective clients will be able to not only explore my photography and style, but will also find inspiring ideas, recommendations, and tips for their own wedding planning.  


March 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This place was soooo cool! While yes, it POURED rain all day, there was some nice covered places to put the bridal party so I could still get some great pictures with the chaos of a mountain resort going on. There was a very destination wedding feel to this wedding. I love weddings like this. Everything and everyone in one place for the entire time! I always said, "If I ever get married again, it will be a destination wedding." If I could stand the cold one bit, this would be the type of place I would go. It's not too far away that everyone couldn't come! 




March 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

IT WAS SOOOOOO COLD THE DAY WE DID THIS. These two were such troopers. I always love when you can get a couple to go out into the snow. It just does something for a winter engagement shoot!



March 08, 2018  •  1 Comment

Nichole & Andrew had a traditional church ceremony at St. Andrew's church. We went for Pictures at Boothe Memorial Park and the reception was held at Testos. Weather was a bit iffy until the ceremony was over. But the rain held off and the sky did some really cool stuff. So pictures were amazing! 




March 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Jordana and I went back and forth on locations for this shoot for sometime. She decided on The Saville Dam at the Barkhamsted Resevoir. This place was a so far away but totally worth the drive! Absolutely gorgeous! I hope we get some amazing wedding photos just like these!



March 02, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Maria & Ariel renewed their vows on a beautiful June day. We took family photos at Both Memorial Park before the wedding and Maria liked it there so much, we went back for wedding pictures! Some of my favorite pictures are the last set we took in the rose garden. 




February 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Nikki and I used to work together at Lights Camera DJs. I think she knew from the first day we worked together that I would take her wedding pictures one day. That day finally came and of course I was totally excited to shoot this wedding for her and Alex. I had BIG expectations for this wedding after we did their engagement shoot and they were exceeded by a long shot! 





February 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

When your childhood fried calls you and says, Im getting married!... You take his photos! 




February 21, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I woke up this day saying... RAIN RAIN GO AWAY, I HAVE A WEDDING TO SHOOT TODAY! With no clearing in the forecast, we just made the best of it. Erin was a trooper! She went in the rain and didn't care as long as we got the shot! The whole bridal party was so good about it and not 1 of them complained about being wet at any point during the day.... When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade!



February 18, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

After spending the day in NYC and Yankee Stadium with these two for their engagement shoot; I expected nothing less than them to have Yankee jerseys to take some photos with! Pictures were a bit challenging since this was probably the hottest, muggiest April day in History. But we made it work and pictures from early to night were beautiful. And the plus side to the hottest April day ever?.... No one complained about going outside at 11pm to take sparkler pictures!!!!!!!!!! 



February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

All these two kept telling me leading up to this day was... " we don't look good in pictures." Yeah, Ok guys... I captured some of the sweetest moments between them! And to me, they look like models I can post all over my website:) Can't wait for the wedding! 16blogboards16blogboards

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